Mythonimals Hospital

 Helping children in their hospital stay

Mythonimals Hospital is an augmented reality game that is part of the Mythonimals universe.

The game consists of a series of stickers (AR markers) distributed all over the hospital, and children have to look for these markers. Each time they find one, they will see a statue of a Mythonimal (mythological animal) and give them some advice.

These tips vary according to the time, place and reason for the child’s admission to the hospital, for example if it’s lunch time and the Mythonimal is found in the bathroom, it will advise the child to wash his hands before eating and his teeth later; if it is noon and you are in the cafeteria, it will recommend the child to drink a juice.

The tips are generated and fully configurable by the hospital’s own doctors using the Apollo management tool included in the Mythonimals Hospital pack.